NLCC Worship

Our goal in worship and in life is balance.  Therefore our worship services may seem "tame" to those from a demonstrative charismatic background or "wild" to those accustomed to a mainline liturgical setting.  Worshipers are free to lift their hands and make a joyful noise unto the Lord or to fold their hands and worship quietly.  We believe that true worship must be genuine and focused purely on God.

Some members of our band are ex-professional musicians who have been saved and delivered from the world of nightclubs and concert stages and are now committed to using their talents to praise the Lord they now serve. Other members come from a Christian background, having spent the majority of their lives in church.  Each week they use their voices, guitars, keyboards, and drums to fill our sanctuary with music and praise dedicated to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Worship MP3 Downloads

We hope these songs are an encouragement and inspiration to you. Enjoy!